Stanford students bring history to life with annual Wax Museum

Published 9:00 am Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stanford Elementary School’s (SES) fifth grade Social Studies classes brought to life some of history’s and culture’s most notable figures as they presented their fifth annual Wax Museum before the close of school for summer break. 
Students mostly picked from a provided list of people that had a positive impact on American history/culture or chose their own with the approval of their Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Amanda Gay. They then researched their person and, following project guidelines, created a presentation board, costume, and a spoken monologue. 
Fifth graders posed along the hallways of SES as wax statues. When students pressed the red “button” on their hand, they would come to life, deliver their informative monologue, and return to their wax pose. SES students then completed reflection forms on the various characters that will be given as feedback to the fifth graders. 
“It is a special thing for students/visitors to be able to learn about 98 different people that positively impacted our country in such a unique and fun manner,” Mrs. Gay stated. “I cannot begin to say how incredibly proud I am of our kiddos…I saw so many students really shine today! I think they enjoyed this process and learned a lot along the way.”

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