Crab Orchard Elementary reaches out to community

Published 1:39 pm Friday, April 28, 2017

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submitted by Jameson Cable, Crab Orchard 5th Grade Teacher

This year Crab Orchard Elementary School was awarded the ASCD Teacher Impact Grant. The grant was given to 19 schools in the nation and Crab Orchard was the only school to receive the grant in Kentucky. The goal of the grant was to create house teams at the school.
Students were divided up into eight houses that all represented past historical figures from Crab Orchard. Each house created a service learning project to help the community and show students how to be generous to others.
Community outreach is an important part of a school. Students need to appreciate their community and they need the community to appreciate them. The process is a win-win for everyone involved.
The following student writings are a brief description of what the students from Crab Orchard experienced on their house team service learning projects.
Over the next couple of weeks, students’ stories from the project will be featured.
The following are the first of the submissions.

Good at the vet!

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By McKenzie Elliot, Jamie Bryant, & Harley Cope
My name is McKenzie. I am a student that goes to Crab Orchard Elementary school. I am in the Goodwin house. On March 14th our house went to the Stanford Veterinary Hospital and Humane Society, we also visited Fort Logan. I’m going to tell you all about it.
First we went to the vet in Stanford. There we saw 2 surgeries. One was on a dog and the other was on a cat. We also got a tour of the vet. There is so much stuff there. They really do a lot for animals.
We also visited the dog shelter, that day. We donated food to the dogs. One reason why we went was, so we could make a difference. Another reason is so we could save the dog’s life. One final reason we went is so we could help the community.
One final place we went to on our field trip was Fort Logan. It was a great historical place to visit. It was completely made of wood. It also had many places where the kids would hide, if an attack would occur. They need to fix it all, it would be awesome.
All in all it was a great trip. We would like to thank Dr. Carlton for showing us around the vet’s office. I would really recommend this trip to anyone interested. Hope you have a good time, if you go on this trip. Thank You!

Blackfish House students enjoy service learning trips

By Landon Day & Brittany Miller
We are students from Crab Orchard Elementary School and we have house teams at our school. Our house is Blackfish.
He is a native American that adopted Daniel Boone. We took a field trip with our house to the nursing home.
We went to the nursing home to talk and cheer the people up and make them feel better. We learned that the people in the nursing home are very kind and they don’t get a lot of visitors. That’s one of the main reasons we went to the nursing home.
At the nursing home there was a woman named Anna and she liked to color. Then a guy named Leroy said he liked trains. There was also another guy that carved different things with a chainsaw. He had carved a snake and Mr. Pope our teacher brought it around and showed us all. The guy said when he gets out of the nursing home he was going to go and carve again.
In conclusion, thank you for letting us come visit the nursing home and cheering everyone up.