High stress, success part of annual LCHS senior mock interview

Published 11:03 am Thursday, April 20, 2017

By Tyler Lowe
Contributing writer

STANFORD — On March 29, Lincoln County High School seniors left their casual jeans and t-shirts at home and donned their fanciest clothing to participate in the annual senior mock interview.
Every year for the last six years, LCHS has gathered a variety of members from the community together to formally interview the students to better prepare them for the future. This year continued the tradition as a diverse mix of community members came to interview the students, advise them about best interview practices, and offer them guidance in their chosen career fields.
In the months leading up to the mock interview, the seniors worked diligently in their English IV classes to develop and revise job applications, résumés, and cover letters to show off their experiences throughout high school. Jade Morton, McClee Manion, Amanda Coffman, Dawn Day, and myself were responsible for preparing the students for the mock interview and were ultimately impressed by the students’ commitment to professionalism and exceptional work. Overall, we had nothing but the highest praise for our students, their work, and their behavior during the mock interview.
The English IV teachers were not the only ones to find the experience positive. Overwhelmingly, the responses from the students, staff, and community members were positive as well.
Ainsleigh Brown, a senior who participated in the mock interview, stated that the best thing about the mock interview was “the amount of pride I felt when my interviewer said I did an amazing job!” She also pointed out that “it’s great that we were able to experience this so we know the Do’s and Don’ts in an interview for later in life!”
After speaking with multiple students, I noticed a consistent appreciation for the process and an awakened inner happiness. In my experience, it was truly incredible to witness the students enter with heightened anxiety and leave with happiness, pride, and a boosted sense of self-confidence.
While speaking with some of the community members and staff, I only heard positive feedback about the students and about the experience itself.
Michael Godbey, the principal of LCHS and an interviewer during the event, claimed that “our seniors looked great and did a fantastic job preparing for their futures.” Stacy Story, the assistant principal of LCHS and an interviewer, noted that “we never had anything like this when we were in school. This mock interview is truly beneficial for them, and I am ecstatic that we offer this experience to our students.”
Rebecca Shearer, an Academic Program Consultant at the school who coordinated the mock interview, noted that “one community member planned on hiring 3 of our students this summer for summer employment!”
Thanks to the organization and coordination of the event by Rebecca Shearer, Missy Robbins, and Mindy Stevens, the students and community members were able to seamlessly maneuver between interviews and observations.
From the wonderfully well-dressed students to the equally well-dressed responses from the students during the interviews, this year’s senior mock interview was overwhelmingly positive and beneficial for everyone involved. Now that it is over, the students have already exchanged their pressed suits and dresses for jeans and shorts as the school returns to normal.

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