School district achieves health services goal of nursing staff in every school

Published 6:48 am Thursday, April 20, 2017

STANFORD – In 2015, the Lincoln County School District was forced to reduce it’s nursing staff due to budget restraints but thanks to a new partnership, the goal of nursing services at every school will once again be achieved.

The school board unanimously approved a contract with the Healthy Kids Clinic which will place a full-time school nurse (CMA, LPN, or RN) for all elementary schools, the middle school and high school.

The new partnership will also provide at least one full-time nurse practitioner and LPN who will be available to see students and staff in the district as well as one licensed clinical social worker to provide behavioral health services to students and two social worker positions.

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Fort Logan High School will not have a full-time nurse but nursing support will be provided, according to Chief Academic Officer Jackie Risden-Smith. The contract not only achieves the goal of one nurse at every school but will also save the school district about $146,000.

“We have had parents, community partners, nurses, school staff, leadership, and many others who have worked toward a vision of a nurse in every school for many years,” Risden-Smith said. “We’re beyond excited to put these services in place for our Lincoln County Students next year. Make sure you thank a BOE member the next time you have the opportunity.”


The original article “A nurse for every school: school district achieves health services goal” published on April 20, incorrectly referred to CMA’s (certified medical assistants) as nurses. The title of nurse is reserved for licensed nurses. According to Chief Academic Officer Jackie Risden-Smith, in Kentucky, CMA’s are permitted to provide nursing services in schools. A district nurse (RN) will also be available to both CMA’s at all times.