How about a little compassion, code enforcement officer?

Published 2:11 am Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear Editor,
Something must be said.
Today Harold Denson shared a certified letter with me that was very disturbing for both of us. This letter was received Saturday, April 8 and dealt with the physical appearance of Harold’s property and the city’s response.
The first page of the letter mentions two city violations of Harold’s property. One was true (rubbish in the backyard). The other violation had no merit (trees and shrubbery obstructing views surrounding). The rubbish and camper top were identified the second time.
The second page said the following: “Failure to abate the nuisance as directed or to request a hearing will result in the City of Stanford removing the nuisance, the cost of which will be assessed against you, the property owner in the form of a lien. Said lien shall include all interest, civil penalties and other charges, which may be incurred in collection.
Additionally, a fine of $500 will be assessed for each day the violation of the nuisance ordinance continues to exist.”
Property liens bother me. Jeff Knouse, the code enforcement officer, signed this on April 6. This was the first and only correspondence that Harold received from Mr. Knouse.
$500 a day – that is $15,000 a month! How about a little compassion? Sickness has taken a toll on Harold’s body. He is disabled and lives on $700 a month.
Mr. Knouse: will you repeat that again? $15,000 a month because of rubbish?
Mr. Knouse may be appointed or elected. I wouldn’t choose either way.
Dollar General is now doing business next door. What a coincidence. By the way, Harold wanted to solve the rubbish problem – and has.

Glen Story
Stanford, KY

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