GOOD EATS: Lincoln preschoolers get a head start on the road to good health

Published 12:22 pm Thursday, March 23, 2017

By Lea Wooldridge
Early Learning Mentor/Coach

The staff of the 15 classrooms in the Lincoln County Early Childhood program work together to make sure that their children learn good eating and physical habits.
The school’s cafeteria staff provides healthy food and the teachers model and teach children healthy eating habits and offer daily opportunities to be active in a safe environment. This  helps prepare children to make the positive choices that lead to a healthy lifestyle. 
Every single one of the children enjoy breakfast, lunch and a snack during their school day. They also receive lessons on good food choices offered by Chef Combo, the classroom’s resident puppet.  All the preschool classrooms benefit from at least 30 minutes a day in large muscle play  and have many other opportunities throughout the day for hands-on physical activity.

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