District 92 Governor’s Cup results

Published 12:58 pm Thursday, March 16, 2017

Highland Elementary captured the team title in the District 92 Governor’s Cup held at McKinney Elementary.
The event included teams from Crab Orchard, Highland, McKinney ­­and Waynesburg and featured five written assessment tests (Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Arts & Humanities), on-demand writing for English Composition and team events of Future Problem Solving (FPS) and Quick Recall.
Crab Orchard finished as overall runner-up and was named the winner of the Hume Sportsmanship Award.
Highland garnered 12 top five finishes in written assessment to earn the team win and also was runner-up in the Quick Recall competition. Highland earned three first-, second-and fifth-place finishes with two for third place  and one for fourth.
Crab Orchard swept the FPS and Quick Recall events. McKinney tied Crab Orchard for first in FPS.
The top five scoring individuals were, by area:
Mathematics: 1st Hallie Mullins, Highland; 2nd Landon Day, Crab Orchard; 3rd Blade Nuckols, Crab Orchard; 4th Macey Carrier, Highland; 5th Blake Folger, McKinney.
Science: 1st Gavin Lewis, Highland; 2nd Adam Beckett, Waynesburg; 3rd Austin Pennington, Highland; 4th Brayden Howard, Crab Orchard; 5th Caden Bastin, Highland.
Social Studies: 1st Kayla Demares, Crab Orchard; 2nd Austin Pennington, Highland; 3rd (tie) Macey Carrier, Highland, and Breydon Hatter, McKinney; 5th Sierra Hopkins, Crab Orchard.
Language Arts: 1st Tea Wilkerson, Waynesburg; 2nd Lindsay Bryant, Highland; 3rd Sara Ryan, Crab Orchard; 4th Blade Nuckols, Crab Orchard; 5th Nikki Mounce, Highland.
Arts and Humanities: 1st Brooklyn Adams, Highland; 2nd Nikki Mounce, Highland; 3rd Hunter Crew, Waynesburg; 4th Koral Ranck, Waynesburg; 5th RJ Givens, McKinney.
English Composition: 1st Koral Ranck, Waynesburg; 2nd Kairi Guest, Crab Orchard; 3rd Abby Walls, McKinney; 4th Sierra Hopkins, Crab Orchard; 5th Brooklyn Adams, Highland.

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