Murder suspect remains free while police wait for lab results

Published 9:16 am Friday, February 3, 2017

STANFORD – A murder case that was expected to be heard by a grand jury last February is still in limbo as the police wait for evidence to be processed.

In the meantime, 51-year-old Michelle Stevens, is free from custody with no restrictions in place.

Stevens was originally arrested in January last year after a neighbor found her unconscious in the front yard and her mother, 78-year-old Carolyn Tiller, was found dead in the basement of the home on Upland Drive.

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The injuries Tiller suffered were consistent with domestic violence, according to the arrest warrant which stated “the defendant (Stevens) intentionally caused her mother’s death” during a domestic altercation.

Stanford Police Detective Tim Morris said Tuesday he is still waiting on key evidence to be processed by the central lab.

“We’ve received a couple items back,” he said. “What I’m waiting for though, I have to have.”

Morris said he cannot indict Stevens without 100 percent of the paperwork.

Due to the delay, Stevens was released from jail after 60 days and the restrictions originally placed on her have been lifted.

“The case is not dismissed,” Morris assured. “When the information comes in, I will present it to the grand jury.”
Some of the evidence Morris said he is waiting on is DNA-related.

Morris said the murder charge will not change.