VonGruenigen’s benefit pageant a success

Published 9:11 pm Friday, December 2, 2016

Dear Editor,
We would like to thank everyone that helped in anyway with Emery VonGruenigen’s benefit pageant on Saturday Nov. 12 at Center Point in Danville. It was a huge success and raised over $2,200 to pay off Emery’s hospital bills. This was greatly appreciated, even with insurance out-of-pocket responsibilities accumulate quickly.
A very special thanks goes out to Marsha Oney and Kristie Carmichael for organizing this event. We would also like to thank Center Point Church for the use of their facility. Thanks to family and friends for their participation and donations.
Thanks so much!
Emery’s Family,

Cody and Deedra VonGruenigen
Waynesburg, Ky.

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