News from Fairview Baptist Church: Sept. 22, 2016

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 23, 2016

By Shelby Lakes
On Sunday, Brother Johnny Baker’s message was taken from Matthew 21:28-32 and other verses.
In this scripture, Jesus gives a parable to chief priests and elders of a man with two sons. The man asked one son to go work in the vineyard; the son refused, but later the son repented and went. Then the man asked the second son; this son said he would go, but did not.
Then Jesus asked the Jewish leaders which of the two sons did the will of his father.
They answered, saying the first.
Jesus then told them that harlots and publicans would go in to the Kingdom of God before them. Jesus said that John the Baptist had come in the way of righteousness and they had not believed him, but the harlots and publicans had.
Brother Johnny asked us to examine ourselves, asking how we are doing in this area. Talk is cheap, he said, but actions are important to the Lord Jesus.
Where is my heart? Do I just want to get wealthy? Where is my heart in accordance with my outward actions? Do I say in front of others that I will do something, but don’t? These are other questions Brother Johnny wanted us to ask ourselves.
Obedience means doing, not just talking, Brother Johnny said. Which of these two brothers are you?

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