Rowe 3rd in Weeknight Warfare meet; Singleton wins MS run

Published 4:46 pm Thursday, September 8, 2016

Lincoln County’s Katherine Rowe ran strong in her first traditional cross country meet, crossing the finish line in third place at Bardstown during the Weeknight Warfare All-Comers meet hosted by Thomas Nelson High School.
The LCHS sophomore turned in a time of 24:43.18 over the 5K (3.1-mile) course to earn the third-place spot. Bethlehem senior Caroline Collins had the best time out of the field of 39 runners, winning the event in 21:50.56. Kayleigh Koop of Fort Knox finished as runner-up in a time of 23:52.22.
Rowe’s third-place finish was the only top 10 finish for Lincoln in varsity competition at the mid-week run and one of seven top 15 finishes over all four of the day’s races – varsity and middle school.
The Lady Patriots had three of the top 15 finishes, with Mayci Godbey and Brecken Wren claiming the 12th and 13th spots in the girls’ varsity run. Godbey, a seventh-grader, took 12th with a time of 27:18.66 and Wren, an LCHS junior, was right behind her in 13th place in 27:52.06.
The Patriot middle school athletes would match the Lady Patriot varsity in number of top 15 finishes, with Sam Singleton, Jerek Pope and Elijah Johnson making the cut.
The middle school race actually produced the high finish of the day for Patriot and Lady Patriot runners as Singleton strode across the finish line in first place.
Singleton, a seventh-grader, finished almost 30 seconds ahead of the runner-up, clocked at 11:49.03 over the 3K course. Logan Ballard of Bethlehem was second in 12:20.38, Tayshaun Crowe of Bardstown ran third in 12:43.18, Ethan Vance of Thomas Nelson was fourth in 12:52.18 and Lincoln’s Pope rounded out the top five with a time of 13:19.84. Johnson placed 14th overall for Lincoln in 14:41.37.
Singleton’s win was impressive, but the youthful runner was not finished. Following the middle school run, he tested his running strength by competing in the boys’ varsity race against 59 other athletes. Singleton, the only seventh-grader in the varsity race, wouldn’t match his winning effort from the middle school run, but he still produced Lincoln’s high of the race by placing 12th in a time of 20:13.78.
Orlando Rojas, a sophomore from Fort Knox, won the varsity boys’ race with the day’s best time, 18:22.50. Austin Mattingly, a senior from Nelson County, was the runner-up in 18:40.94, Isaac Crume, a senior from Bardstown, was third in 18:53.91, Jabari Jackson, a junior from Fort Knox, was fourth in 19:07.00 and Andrew Newton of Thomas Nelson was fifth in 19:09.50.
Host Thomas Nelson won the girls’ varsity team title with 24 points. The Lady Patriots placed second overall with 40 points and Marion County was third with 71 points.
The boys’ varsity competition was won by Fort Knox with 40 points. Bardstown was second with 68 points and Thomas Nelson was third with 68 points. Lincoln placed sixth with 164 points.
Bardstown swept the middle school competitions, with 15 points in the girls division and 37 in the boys. The Lincoln Middle School girls were second with 49 points and the Lincoln boys were third with 72 points.

Weeknight Warfare Results
at Bardstown
Varsity Girls
(5K-39 runners)
TEAMS: 1) Thomas Nelson (ThoNel) 24; 2) Lincoln Co. (LC) 40; 3) Marion Co. 71.
Top 10 and Lincoln: 1) Caroline Collins (Bethlehem) 21:50.56; 2) Kayleigh Koop (Fort Knox-FtK) 23:52.22; 3) Katherine Rowe (LC) 24:43.18; 4) Maggie Parrish (TN) 24:53.22; 5) Lauren Roby (Bardstown-B-town) 25:36.06; 6) Jenna Doehring (FtK) 25:42.88; 7) Campbell Roby (B-town) 25:48.18; 8) Ashley Zizzo (B-town) 25:48.72; 9) Faith Stansbury (ThoNel) 26:14.94; 10) Lily King )(B-town) 6:44.62; 12) Mayci Godbey (LC) 27:18.66; 13) Brecken Wren (LC) 27:52.06; 20) Chrissy Mullins (LC) 31:11.75; 25) Alexa Wesley (LC) 35:41.00; 26) Jasmine Steele (LC) 36:04.41.
Varsity Boys
(5K-60 runners)
TEAMS: 1) Fort Knox (FtK) 40; 2) Bardstown (B-town) 68; 3) Thomas Nelson (ThoNel) 68; 4) Nelson Co. (NC) 77; 5) Bethlehem (B) 101; 6) Lincoln Co. (LC) 164; 7) Marion Co. 178.
Top 10 and Lincoln: 1) Orlando Rojas (FtK) 18:22.50; 2) Austin Mattingly (NC) 18:40.94; 3) Isaac Crume (B-town) 18:53.91; 4) Jabari Jackson (FtK) 19:07.00; 5) Andrew Newton (ThoNel) 19:09.50; 6) Devon Horne (FtK) 19:23.34; 7) Steven Perry (NC) 19:29.03; 8) Carl Olde Loohuis (B) 19:29.50; 9) Hunter Wimsett (ThoNel) 19:36.31; 10) Tad Scyphers (B-town) 19:48.88; 12) Sam Singleton (LC) 20:13.78; 27) Gabe Singleton (LC) 22:20.06; 41) Justin Cummins (LC) 24:32.06; 47) Dakota Brock (LC) 25:32.31; 52) John Sparkman (LC) 28:30.50; 58) Reed Campbell (LC) 33:28.53; 59) Dalton Patterson (LC) 34:27.03.
Middle School Girls
(3K-31 runners)
TEAMS: 1) Bardstown (B-town) 15; 2) Lincoln Co. Middle (LC) 49.
Top 5 and Lincoln: 1) Addison Riley (B-town) 14:30.78; 2) Olivia Walton (B-town) 15:27.03; 3) Emma Lovelace (B-town) 15:27.96; 4) Kaydence Livers (B-town) 15:56.75; 5) Rory Kiser (B-town)16:03.00; 8) Alexis Slone (LC) 16:22.03; 18) Keri Kidd (LC) 19:08.38; 19) Lexi Grubbs (LC) 19:25.78; 22) Chloe Tillett (LC) 19:43.75; 23) Ava Morgan (LC) 19:44.81; 30) Arianna Spiker (LC) 23:13.66.
Middle School Boys
(3K-49 runners)
TEAMS: 1) Bardstown (B-town) 37; 2) Bethlehem (B) 68; 3) Lincoln Co. Middle (LC) 72; 4) Thomas Nelson (ThoNel) 78; 5) Nelson Co. 98.
Top 5 and Lincoln: 1) Sam Singleton (LC) 11:49.03; 2) Logan Ballard (B) 12:20.38; 3) Tayshaun Crowe (B-town) 12:43.18; 4) Ethan Vance (ThoNel) 12:52.18; 5) Jerek Pope (LC) 13:19.84; 14) Elijah Johnson (LC) 14:41.37; 26) Bradley Adams (LC) 15:59.72; 35) Davis Wardrip (L) 17:29.81; 48) Ethan Lane (LC) 22:22.41.

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