LETTER: Ambulance board lacks accountability

Published 11:48 am Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dear Editor,
We have an ambulance board that has no legal representation or bylaws on record, to my knowledge. Recently, the board proposed a steep tax rate increase but if the people of Lincoln County get to it, they can stop it.
There are three people on the board who are running the show and I have heard they have private meetings.
I believe what they’re doing is illegal.
If they deserved the tax increase, I would support it, but the way they are doing it, I do not support it.
The people of Lincoln County need to contact the attorney general’s office and have them investigate the ambulance board.
The people of Lincoln County need to get together and get a petition together if they don’t want the tax increase because the three board members are trying to sneak it through.
There are no laws for them to abide by. If there are no bylaws or constitution for the board to follow, how can the board be held accountable?
It’s time for county residents to demand accountability.

Dennis J. Miller,
Lincoln County

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