Public records

Published 6:14 pm Thursday, August 25, 2022

Property transfers recently recorded in the office of Lincoln County Clerk George O. “Sonny” Spoonamore IV.

• Dion M. Crain to Richard L. Vineyard, lot no. 5 in Crane Acres Subdivision, grantee assuming the mortgage, fair market value $34,000.

• Taylor and Lige Graves to Raylina Butler, tract no. 2 of the David Shelton Property of record in Plat Slide B-165, $170,000.

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• Robert McCormack Jr. To Bruce and Charissa Wade, two parcels at the junction of Ky. Hwy. 78 and McCormack Church Road, $2,250,000.

• Wilmer G. Vanhook and Julia Vanhook to Martha Bastin, .209 acres on McKinney Court, $103,000.

• Tiffany and Benjamin Graves to Robert and Allyson Crawford, lot no. 3 of Dyehouse Subdivision on Meadowlark Drive in Crab Orchard, $142,900.

• Jay Guru 2, Inc., to Anaya 1, Inc., lot on Ky. Hwy. 501 east near Kings Mountain, $115,000.

• Estate of Joe French, by and through Dallas H. French, executor, to Brittany Dowell and Dale and Leslie Dowell, tract 5 containing 2.052 acres of the Durand and Sherry Brown Property on plat filed of record in Plat Cabinet E, slide 20, $1, fair market value $81,950.

• Glenda A. Hill to Leonid and Lilia Karalash, two parcels in Lincoln County, $35,000.

• Edward and Diane Vanhook to Shannon Johnson, property on the west side of Hwy. 35, $119,000.

• Charles and Andrea French, and Zelma Taylor, and Paul French, and Dallas and Freda French to Nathaniel and Judith Eby, and Ivan and Alice Eby, two tracts on Hwy. 1781, $427,900.

• Charles and Andrea French, and Zelma Taylor, and Paul French, and Dallas and Freda French to Paul T. French, 1.39 acres on Ky. Hwy. 1781, $92,950.

• Sam and Teresa Gilpin to Cheryl Y. Shelton, .829 acres of the Gilpin/Gilpin/Shelton property Minor Plat, $12,000.

• Ronnie McFerron to Olivia M. Hering, .38 acres on Hwy. 618, $5,000.

• Estate of Fred Simpson to Woodie and Angel Saylor, lot no. 6 of the Susie B and J. Thomas Cherry survey, $75,000.

Marriage licenses

• Tracy Marie Sims, 43, home care and Dennis W. Wood, 47, self employed.

• Evelyn N. Wheeler, 46, operations clerk and Jehovahny Lymat, 30, security guard.

• Amelia Emily Little, 25, speech language pathologist and Ryne Winston Otto, 28, sales representative.

• Odena L. Fields, 56, disabled and Gary W. Gibson, 61, disabled.