Stanford native helps produce Kung Fu movie

Published 3:42 pm Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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Abigail Roberts


STANFORD – From the caves of Kentucky to the movie studios of California, Larry Johnson has made it into headlines several times in his life.

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This time, the Stanford native is promoting a new Kung Fu movie that he’s been working on over the past year.

Larry Johnson works on the set of Kung Fu Ghost in California. Photo courtesy of Larry Johnson

Johnson served as an Associate Producer for the film “Kung Fu Ghost,” which will have a special premier this weekend in Liberty.

“I met Jennifer Linch, the director of this film, on Facebook in 2016 and we had a conversation and I became friends with her over the years and when she was going to do this movie, I just asked her if I could be a part of working on one of her films,” Johnson said. “So when she did this one, she let me come out there. So I made a trip out there.”

Linch has won several awards for her short films including Best Newcomer at the World Film Awards in 2015 and the International Silver Award for Directing at International Film Competition Festival in 2015. Her first feature-length film Kung Fu Ghost has already won several awards around the world.

Johnson said it was exciting to be a part of the making of the film.

For 18 days, Johnson stayed at the Executive Producer’s home and worked on the set of the movie.

“I got to operate sound some on the film, they let me sit down and do a little sound and operate it. I got to do the boom microphone, too,” he said.

Johnson said the cameraman was from France and he worked alongside him as well.

“And I did lighting on the set, a whole lot of lighting,” he said. “We set up the lights and carried them around and we would go in the morning and set up all the lighting in all the different scenes and we would put up the track for the camera so he could roll it when he needed to.”

Johnson even got to do the slate board before the cameras started rolling.

“Also, I did the behind the scenes picture-taking for Jennifer, and then video too,” he said.

It’s not the first time Johnson has worked in the entertainment industry. He is well-known in Kentucky for his YouTube videos filmed under the pseudonym Kentucky Cave Creeper, in which he explores various caves in the state looking for artifacts and rare finds. Johnson was also friends with the late Neal James, also a Stanford native, known as the “Banjo Man,” and worked with him on the Animal Planet show “Call of the Wild.” Johnson explored several caves on the television show and scouted caves alongside the producer.

Larry Johnson behind the camera at the set of Kung Fu Ghost. Photo courtesy of Larry Johnson

He was also an extra in the movie “Seabiscuit.”

Locally, Johnson also served as a Stanford Police Officer and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Over the years, Johnson has made many friends in the film industry from producers to stuntmen and one thing has led to another, he said. Eventually those connections led to Linch, who Johnson befriended on Facebook.

Kung Fu Ghost, a story about a young woman named Daisy who inherits an estate from her late grandfather, is action-packed as Linch shows off her skills and training in martial arts. When treasure-hunting criminals attempt to rob the home, Daisy calls on her supernatural, Kung Fu friends to protect her grandfather’s home and belongings.

The movie will be playing in Liberty July 30 and Aug. 1 with one showing per day.

“I’m going to do a Q&A afterwards,” Johnson said. “They’ll probably show it around 2:30 and then we’re going to do a Zoom chat from California with Jennifer, the executive producer and maybe another actor joining in.”

Johnson said he’s had several offers to work on other films since working on Kung Fu Ghost and he’s excited to continue following his interests in entertainment.

“Kung Fu Ghost” will be playing at the Lights of Liberty Theater July 31-Aug. 1. The movie is rated PG-13.

Veterans get free admission. All proceeds will be given to the theater to support the local business.