Everyone should feel safe when attending school board meeting

Published 12:12 pm Thursday, December 19, 2019

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I need for everyone in Lincoln county to know that I, Gloria Sneed, called the police at the end of the 12-12-2019 Lincoln County School Board meeting. 

Yes I was told to mind your own business. Stay out of this. Yes I always, when I speak in public, say my name is Gloria Sneed and I represent myself.  

But in this particular instance I saw a need for someone, anyone to stand in the gap for four young ladies that were at the meeting, and needing to get in their vehicles after the meeting.

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One being the student representative on the board. The other three needing to attend a board meeting with a report of that experience for a class. 

Those four young ladies should at all times feel safe. Inside the board room and in the parking lot. 

Yes, I seen the need to represent those four young ladies. NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE should ever feel unsafe at a School Board Meeting. 

This could be an awesome opportunity for those young ladies to be taught the concept that the pen is mightier than the sword, and write their own letter to the editor.

I also need for everyone to know that I have and will continue to aggressively suggest that police presence is at all future board meetings. 

I have often said every action has a reaction. You cannot control the reaction to your actions, just your own actions. Take responsibility for YOUR actions, and the reactions that follow as they all belong to you.


Gloria Sneed