Chamber crowns Snow Princess, Duchess, Countess

Published 12:10 pm Thursday, December 19, 2019

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The Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce handed out multiple crowns following its annual Christmas Parade, with candidates ranging in age from 4-year-old to middle school taking center stage on the courthouse steps for the Snow Princess, Snow Duchess and Snow Countess contests.

The first title awarded was Snow Princess, with Annabelle Grigson taking home the crown. Grigson, the 6-year-old daughter of David and Kelly Grigson of Stanford, was chosen out of seven candidates. She was escorted by Landon Ledford, the son of David Ledford and Lacey Ledford of Crab Orchard.

The Snow Princess first runner-up was Ellen Sue Hatter, 5, the daughter of Jesse and Jamie Hatter of Stanford. She was escorted by James David Gay, the son of Daniel and Amanda Gay of Waynesburg.

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Stella Beth Hart, 8 was candidate No. 2 in the Snow Duchess contest but she was deemed No. 1 by the judges to earn the crown. Hart, the daughter of Clayton and Diana Hart of Stanford, was escorted by Gabe Gander, the son of Chase and Brooke Gander of Stanford.

First runner-up in the contest was Caroline Gander, 8, the daughter of Julian and Dana Gander of Stanford. She was escorted by Abe Hurt, the son of Jason and Brandy Hurt of Crab Orchard.

Presley Adair Elllis, 9, was named the second runner-up. Ellis, the daughter of Kent Ellis and Kathy Ivy of Stanford, was escorted by Carson Saylor, the son of Cameron and Keisha Saylor of Stanford.

Makenna Seibert, 12, was chosen out of a field of 19 candidates to wear the Snow Countess crown. Her guardian is Holly Poynter of Stanford. Seibert was escorted by Skyler Thompson, the son of Nathaniel Thompson of Waynesburg. Seibert was escorted by Skyler Thompson, the son of Nathaniel Thompson of Waynesburg. 

The Snow Countess first runner-up was 14-year-old Summer Quinn. Quinn, the daughter of Kristian Harness of Waynesburg, was escorted by Bradlee Henson, the son of Kristian Harness.

Sierra Dawn Whitis, 12, was named second runner-up. She is the daughter of Eddy and April Whitis of Stanford. She was escorted by Dakota Whitis, the son of Jason and Julia Whitis of Berea.

Third runner-up was Joshlyn “Jae” Cox, 13, the daughter of Trena and Craig Carrier of Stanford. She was escorted by Devin Morgan, the son of Gary and Tammy Morgan of Waynesburg.

The other candidates, their parents, and escorts were:

Snow Princess

Katherine “Kate” Todd, 4, daughter of Sharon and Jeremy Todd of Stanford, and Larson Cooper, son of Chris and Rachel Cooper of Stanford; Tatum Schuler, 6, daughter of Ella and Jim Schuler of Stanford, and Colton Baldock, son of Jamie and Chad Baldock of Hustonville; Kinzlee Smith, 6, daughter of Taylor Walls and Casey Smith of Waynesburg, and Evan Taylor, son of Savannah Young and Brandon Taylor of Perryville; Jocelyn Henriksen, 5, daughter of Samantha Wellsman of Stanford, and Jacob Crowe, son of Kristen Crowe of Waynesburg; and Allie Jo Warner, 6, and Tyler Warner, the children of Gwen Bartlett and Stephen Warner of Stanford.

Snow Duchess

Rebecca Smith, 8, daughter of Lee Ann and Brad Smith of Stanford, and Woodson Adams, son of Lezli and Woods Adams of Stanford; Mia RaeAnn Oney, 8, daughter of Mike and Marsha Oney of Stanford, and Teegan Mullins, son of DJ and Lucinda Mullins of Waynesburg; Kinley Davis, 7, daughter of Mark and Brittany Davis of Stanford, and Grayson Hayes, son of Adam and Spring Hayes of Stanford; Addison Walls, 9, daughter of Brooke Walls of Kings Mountain, and Corey Derringer, son of Amy Wade of Danville; Rylee Jane Dunagan, 9, daughter of Amber and Steven Dunagan of Stanford, and Timmy Phelps, son of Tom and Shelly Phelps of Hustonville; Layla Rose Ralston, 7, and Griffey Ralson, the children of Eric and Megan Ralston of Stanford; Charlie Coffey, 7, daughter of Amanda and Joshua Coffey of Stanford, and Liam Duncan, son of Brian and Julia Duncan of Stanford; Adalyn Peterson, 9, daughter of Sebrina and Mike Peterson of Stanford, and Sheldon Sims, son of Scott and Patricia Sims of Waynesburg; Ember Genco, 7, daughter of Deanna Cooke and Justin Genco of Stanford, ad Jeremy Streciwilk, son of Urszula and Eric Streciwilk of Danville; Arianna Bennett, 9, and Trevor Bennett, the children of Chris and LaTasha Bennett of Waynesburg; Sadie Preston, 8, daughter of Jeremy and Crystal Preson of Stanford, and Casper Toler, son of Theresa Hendrix of Stanford; and Brayli Ann Maloy, 9, daughter of Jimmy and Jenny Maloy of Waynesburg, and Mason McGuffey, son of Brandon and Jessica McGuffey of Waynesburg.

Snow Countess

Tori Wilburn, 13, daughter of Vickie Wilburn of Stanford, and Brayden Wofford, son of Valerie Wofford and Jeremy Wofford of Danville; Kerrington Stamper, 12, daughter of Jennifer and Aaron Stamper of Hustonville, and Reed Curlis, son of Brandon and Sandra Curlis of Stanford; Autumn McGuffey, 10, daughter of Megan Dykes of Stanford, and Ashton Mobley, son of Kassie Gooch of Lancaster; Baylea Skye Snow, 12, daughter of Misty and Greg Snow of Stanford, and Jake McFarland, son of Arlena McFarland of Hustonville; Maggie Grace Day, 13, and Brycen Day, the children of Stephen and Valerie Day of Waynesburg; Sierra Elaine Avanell Smith, 14, daughter of Kenny and Tammy Smith of Stanford; Kaitlyn Elizabeth Yocum, 12, daughter of Keith and Rebecca Yocum of Waynesburg, and Joseph Hodge, son of Riley and Jennifer Hodge of Waynesburg; Kathryn Davis, 14, daughter of Connie Brewer and James Cheatham of Stanford, and Hayden Eldridge, son of Tracy Eldridge of Hustonville; Chloe Pope, 12, daughter of Ashley Pope and Jeremy Pope of Stanford, and Slaton Carter, son of Justin and Lindsay Carter of Stanford; Bentley Cooper, 10, daughter of Chris and Rachel Cooper of Stanford, and Eli Roberts, son of Patrick and Ashley Roberts of Stanford; Isabella Pike, 10, daughter of Brent Pike of Stanford, and Richard Pike, son of Holly Argo of Parksville; Braelyn Johnson, 13, daughter of Keith and Kristin Johnson of Stanford, and Aidan Carter, son of Cody Carter and Brittiany Tillett of Stanford; Ali Wood, 13, daughter of Heather Wood and Kevin Wood of Stanford, and RJ Givens, son of Tara Durham and Juwan Givens of Stanford; Taryn Guinn, 13, and Brittan Taylor, the children of Hollie Taylor of Stanford; and Brooklynn Godbey, 13, daughter of Stephanie and Dave Sam and Nick Godbey of Stanford, and Tevin Stubbs, son of Kendra Wilson Johnson of Stanford.