Bevin should have visited after pipeline explosion

Published 10:55 am Thursday, September 12, 2019

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Just a few short weeks ago, Lincoln County witnessed a catastrophic event that will affect our county for many years.

The gas explosion at Moreland, Kentucky, cost one life, and several others were injured. Several homes were destroyed, not to mention ruined landscape, frayed nerves, and irretrievable memories.

While this event made national news, did this warrant any recognition or visit from the governor of our Bluegrass State? NO!

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I quote Matt Bevin from The Courier-Journal. He called the explosion “heartbreaking” but added that the pipeline industry is “a dangerous business” and “these things happen”. Asked if he planned to visit the scene, Bevin said, “At this moment, I don’t. There’s nothing I can do to help in that situation. . . The fire’s out. It’s under control.”

I do not think anyone in Lincoln County expected him to come to Lincoln County and bring his water hose to help put out the fire.

However, as the expected governor of our state, I would think his presence would have gone a long way in showing his compassion to a grieving, hurting community/county.

I hope all you voters remembers this come November. I assure you, I will!

Scena Ann Petrey