District Court news recorded

Published 10:18 am Thursday, June 27, 2019

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Cases heard in Lincoln District Court. List includes names of those charged who are not identified as minors.


Timothy Carl Barber, failure to wear seat belts, $25 fine; expired registration receipt, expired registration plates, failure to maintain required insurance and improper registration plate, all dismissed on proof.

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Charles Ernest Crowe, failure to wear seat belts, dismissed with leave; failure to produce insurance card, amended to no insurance first, $1,000 fine, $900 probated one year, and costs.

Bridget Ann Douglas, expired registration plates, dismissed with leave; owner permit other to operate motor vehicle without required insurance, $1,000 fine, $900 probated one year and costs.

Hartey Ray Dyer, speeding 24 mph over limit amended to 15 mph over, standard fine and costs; expired registration receipt and failure to produce insurance card, dismissed on proof.

Brian Hooper, theft by deception less than $500, fees and restitution.

Kimberly A. Morgan, failure to wear seat belts, $25 fine; expired registration plates, expired registration receipt, improper display of registration plates and failure of owner to maintain required insurance, all dismissed on proof.

Nicolas Soeder, fourth-degree assault domestic violence minor injury, $100 fine, 30 days probated two years with no offenses and no contact with complaining witness.

Linda H. Walls, theft by deception less than $500, fees and restitution.

David B. Johnson, third-degree burglary, amended to first-degree criminal trespassing, 12 months, probated one year; third-degree criminal mischief, 90 days, probated one year, concurrent.


Gerald Pelkonen, operate non-motor vehicle under influence of intoxicants, $100 fine; falsely reporting an incident, dismissed with leave.

Tracy Allen, operate motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs, $200 fine, $375 fee, 30 days license suspension, four days jail with credit; possess open alcohol container in a motor vehicle, dismissed with leave.

Susan Cooper, harbor non-compliant sex offender registrant, first offense, $100 fine.

Rhonda Michelle Douglas, second-degree disorderly conduct, $100 fine.

Jessica Dykes, operating on suspended operator’s license, amended to no operator’s license in possession, $25 fine and costs.

Joshua Epling, expired registration plates and expired registration receipt, dismissed with leave; possession of marijuana, $100 fine; possession of drug paraphernalia, dismissed; operate motor vehicle under influence of alcohol/drugs, $200 fine, $375 fee, counseling and 30 days license suspension.