Published 4:06 pm Thursday, May 16, 2019

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By Dorothea Schlappi

Bob Brackman called to report that his father, Roy had to be hospitalized for some surgery. Keep him in your prayers.

Mother’s Day is a special day, not only for children to remember, but for mothers to reflect on. Remembering some small thing in her children’s life can bring back a cherished moment. I remember when our three girls were small, when I baked pies, they each got a piece of dough. I would give them cookie cutters, cinnamon and sugar. They would roll the dough as they desired, I would bake it for them. The one daughter would roll hers over and over, by the time it was ready to bake, it was well worn. Every time I bake a pie, I remember those precious moments.

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Seems it’s going to be hard on the farmers to get good hay put up again this year because of the rain.

The pavilion at the Lutheran Church is looking like a building. It is ready for the tin roof. The septic system was put in this past week. The ground was smoothed over and seeded and it has come up. Looks nice!

The grounds at St. Sylvester Church look so nice. Thanks to the volunteers who are doing such a beautiful job.

I get a Mother’s Day card every year from a person who is no kin. I asked her why she sends me a card. She said, “my mother is gone and I want someone to know I am thinking of them.” Thanks Wanda!

Now that the landfill dump has changed the way things are done for the pricing of disposal, some people are going to home pickup dumpsters. We have found that it is so handy on the farm and cheaper than running to the landfill disposal. There are companies that rent by the month and it is cleaner around the farm.

Each day is a new beginning, let us use it wisely.