Published 12:46 pm Friday, October 12, 2018

By Shelby Lakes

Last week, Brother David Conrades concluded a series of messages, titled, “The Church We want to be.” This series came from the first chapters of Revelation in which Jesus speaks of seven churches. “Hopefully, we are moving toward being a true and faithful church,” Brother David said.

After Brother David read from Revelation 4, he said this is a scene from God’s Throne Room. “We are in need of a heavenly perspective in this world,” he said. “The world seems out of control with war, crime, disease, and hatred. But remember, God is working out a perfect plan.”

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Jesus is giving us an idea of what things are like in Heaven in these verses, Brother David said, and pointed out things there as described.

John, in Revelation, has been invited to Heaven and sees God on his throne, the one who has absolute authority over everything that happens on earth and in Heaven forever. The world doesn’t want to recognize this, Brother David said, but God reigns anyway. And one day, he will judge the world.

Brother David said he believes the 24 elders around the throne in Revelation represent all from the Old and New Testaments. God makes us his children and we reign with him.

Praise before the throne is expressed in the lightning, thunder, and shouts, Brother David said. All have sinned; if you die in your sins, you will be separate from God in all eternity in hell.

The main thing we will do in heaven, Brother David said, is praise the Heavenly Father, who saves us from hell.