Published 12:01 pm Thursday, August 30, 2018

By Scena Ann Petrey

On Sunday, Aug. 26 Kallie Bailey, Dani and Stacy Story, and Nikki and Rayna Wheeler sang a special. “Jesus – there’s just something about that name!” What do you think of when you hear His name? “I love, You, Lord, and I lift my voice to worship you.” Wonderful words to bring to mind the powerful, awesome name of Jesus.

Bro. Kyle’s message entitled “Is God Unrighteous to Save Sinners?” came from Romans 3:25-26. Long ago, people believed that God owed us nothing. Is it justice to allow criminals to go free? Look at God – does He do an injustice by forgiving sinners? NO!

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Rahab was a worshiper of idols and a prostitute in the Old Testament. God saved her through her faith in Him. She lived among the Israelites and is listed in the New Testament as a person of faith. How was she saved and treated differently than the other Canaanites? Her faith made her whole. Romans 3:25-26 answers that question. God demonstrates His righteousness in the CROSS! He knew He would enact His plan to send His only perfect Son to bridge the gap sin had created.

We can do nothing to save ourselves; we cannot earn salvation. That would make it about us. It is not about us; it is about Jesus. To be forgiven and have a relationship with God is to receive the free gift of God by faith. Then nothing can separate us from God once we invite Jesus into our hearts by faith.

“God’s commitment to His reputation of His name gives us assurance of His commitment to us – 1 John 1:12 attests to this. Our salvation is steady and sure because of the glory of His name! There is no sin that God cannot forgive!” emphasized Bro. Kyle as he concluded his message.

All kids kindergarten-sixth grades are invited to join us during the 11 a.m. worship hour in the GLOW room to worship, sing, praise, and learn a Christmas musical – “The Secret of Snowflake County.”

A welcome luncheon will be held Sunday, Sept. 9 following the a.m. worship service for new members and anyone interested in joining our church. Please contact the office if interested.

The Lincoln County Women on Mission Rally will be Monday, Sept. 17 at Watts Chapel Baptist Church at 6 p.m. Todd Moore Baker, a success story of the R/6 program that is partially funded with the Eliza Broadus offering, will be telling his story of incarceration and how the program helped him re-enter society after he was released. Everyone is invited to attend.

Southern Gospel Music by Doug Anderson on Sept. 29 at 6 p.m. at the LCHS auditorium with all proceeds going to the LCHS Cheerleaders. The tickets for this event are $10 per person.

Dates to remember: Sept. 8 – Senior adult trip to Derby Dinner Theater; Sept. 12 – Glow returns.

Thought for the week: “God’s plan for your life is better than your own!”