Lincoln County teachers ‘walk-in’ to protest public pension bill

Published 1:27 pm Friday, March 16, 2018

STANFORD — Lincoln County teachers joined hundreds of educators across the state last Thursday morning as they participated in “walk-ins” to protest the state’s public pension bill, Senate Bill 1.

The walk-ins, held outside of schools prior to the beginning of classes Thursday morning, were organized by the Kentucky Education Association (KEA) and encouraged locally by Lincoln County’s KEA President Kim Dillard.

“Meet in front of your school and make some noise,” Dillard wrote in an email. “Be prepared to answer any questions from parents, passers-by, about how funding cuts will affect you and your students and how you have worked hard to get where you are (whether it’s your first year or 30th!) and you were PROMISED a pension!”

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For 30 minutes, teachers and district staff held signs in protest of the proposed pension bill currently being considered by the state legislature, which they believe would inappropriately cut benefits for retired teachers.

Photos courtesy of Lincoln County Public Schools

Lincoln County Superintendent Michael Rowe stood in solidarity with educators.

“I was honored to stand with the faculty and staff of the Lincoln County Schools as we brought attention to the pension crisis,” Rowe said. “I want to personally thank the stakeholders for their support.”

The Senate postponed a scheduled vote on the pension reform bill Friday and additional protests were held in Frankfort Monday, with hundreds of educators gathering outside the state capitol.

Photos courtesy of Lincoln County Public Schools