Healthy Kids Clinics holds inaugural Summer Training session

Published 11:42 am Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Healthy Kids Clinics of Cumberland Family Medical Center, Inc. (CFMC), held their annual Summer Training on July 27 – 28 at the Auditorium/Natatorium Complex in Russell Springs, KY.

Healthy Kids Clinic staff from nine participating county school districts were in attendance along with Central Office representatives and administration from CFMC. 

Informational sessions were held on Immunization Storage and Handling, healthy weight management for adolescents, oral health emergencies, and HPV vaccine education among others.  Representatives from Shriners and the KY AHEC also conducted sessions in addition to those provided by CFMC Healthy Kids Clinic administrators and staff.  Pediatrician Dr. Lynnette Brooks of Glasgow Pediatric Healthcare was a featured presenter on her new pediatric weight management program.

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The Healthy Kids Clinic program provides on-site School-Based Health Centers at each of the 45 public schools within the Adair, Anderson, Casey, Clinton, Cumberland, LaRue, Lincoln, Russell, and Wayne County school systems.  Licensed nurse practitioners provide acute care for students and staff as well as promote preventive care through well-child checks, immunizations, and health education.  As a result, children receive care more quickly, decreasing the loss of academic time, and parents spend less time away from work for routine checks and appointments.  

As part of the Healthy Kids Clinic, preventive and restorative oral health care are also provided to students on-site through CFMC’s mobile oral health program.

“Keeping students healthy and learning are goals that we share with both local school systems and parents,” stated Dr. Eric Loy, CEO of Cumberland Family Medical Center, Inc.  “By providing these services at the schools, we can ensure that our students remain healthy, are better equipped to learn, and will continue to achieve at high physical and academic levels.