LC Health Department conducts food service inspections

Published 1:04 pm Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Lincoln County Health Department conducts at least two inspections a year on food service establishments and retail food stores in Lincoln County. These inspections focus on food protection during preparation and storage, food temperatures, cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and utensils, insect/rodent control, storage and use of toxic materials, and overall sanitation.
Violations carry a weight of 1-5 points depending on the seriousness of the violation. Items marked 4 or 5 points are considered critical and must be corrected within ten days. Critical violations are noted by an asterisk after the establishment’s score.
Some facilities are a combination food service/retail market and receive two scores. The first is for the food service and the second is for the retail.
Those with scores of 85-100, with no critical violations, are considered in compliance with Kentucky’s Food Establishment Act and State Retail Food Code. Those with a score of 70-84 and with no critical violations must be reinspected in 30 days. Establishments with a score of 60-69 may request a hearing to explain why they should remain open, and those with a score of 59 or less are immediately closed. An establishment must also cease operation if conditions exist which pose an immediate threat to public health. Any establishment whose permit has been suspended can make application for a reinspection for the purpose of permit reinstatement. If the reinspection reveals that the conditions causing suspension of the permit have been corrected, the permit will be reinstated.


Dominos of Stanford- 95
Walmart- 99,99
Kid’s Place Daycare- 98
Stanford Care and Rehab- 100
Sonic- 98
Save-A- Lot- 97
Durham’s Grocery- 91, 91
Dairy Queen- *93 (*Employee making sandwich without using gloves)
China Buffet- *85 (*No sanitizer being used at automatic dishwasher)
Wendy’s- *88 (*Chili not being held at correct temperature)
Little Patriot Preschool- 96
American Legion Post – 97
Subway of Stanford- 95
Stanford Elementary Cafeteria- 96
Quest Adult Daycare- *92 (*Refrigerator not keeping foods at correct temperature)
Family Dollar Store (Stanford)- 98
Ft. Logan High School Cafeteria- 97
Lincoln County High School Cafeteria- 92
Little Caesars- *92 (*One cooler not at correct holding temperature)
R & R Wilderness Marketplace- 96, 95
Past Time Café- *91 (*Spray bottle not labeled)
Yoder’s General Store- *94 (*Numerous outdated over the counter medicines)
Susan’s Bakery- 99
Cedar Creek Lake Outfitters- 100,100
Crab Orchard Elementary Cafeteria- 96
Waynesburg Manor- *93 (*Improper employee drink cups)
Caney Creek Food Mart- *81, *81 (*Employee making sandwiches without gloves)
Highland Elementary Cafeteria- 99
Belcher’s Grocery- 100, 99
McKinney Depot Restaurant- *86 (*Outdated buttermilk) 
Coffman’s Grocery- 94
Hustonville Elementary Cafeteria- 98
Subway (Moreland)- *92 (*Meatballs not at correct holding temperature; One cooler not at correct temperature)
Two Brother’s Café’- 99

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Dairy Queen- 98
China Buffet- 100
Wendy’s- 97
Quest Adult Daycare- 100
Little Caesars- 97
Past Time Café- 95
Yoder’s General Store- 100
Waynesburg Manor- 99
Caney Creek Food Mart- 91, 91
McKinney Depot Restaurant- 99
Subway (Moreland)- 97