Hodges wins Jingle Bell Jog run; over $10K raised for Alzheimer’s

Published 9:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2016

STANFORD — It was not a picture perfect day for the running of the Stanford Jingle Bell Jog, with rainy and cold conditions, but the ninth annual run was no disappointment with over $10K in donations rasied for Alzheimer’s Awareness.
Nearly 500 runners/walkers took off at the sound of the starter’s gun, many concentrating on breaking their personal best records while others were totally focused on the entire purpose for the race. The Jingle Bell Jog is held annually to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. Over the last eight years the jog has raised over $80K, with all money collected for the jog donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.
This year’s overall winner in the Jingle Bell Jog was 18-year-old Jarod Hodges, of Waynesburg. He covered the 3.1-mile course in a time of 18:44. 
There was a diverse group of participants hitting the streets for this year’s race, including 80-year-old Leo McMillen, of Lexington, who was the race’s oldest participant. McMillen is very well known on the running circuit, having run a race in all of Kentucky’s 120 counties. He finished the Jingle Bell Jog in 46:03 which was second in his age group. This year’s youngest participant was 2-year-old Lily Baker, of Lancaster. She completed the race with her parents Ben and Karina Baker in 52:38. That is a pretty good time when you consider the race course had presents and cookie stations to distract a 2-year-old. Not mention it was drizzling rain for most of the 3.1 miles.
This year’s event also attracted Miss Kentucky Laura Jones. She entertained race-goers with her fiddle and signed a few autographs. However, that did not stop her from removing her crown and sash and putting on her running shoes when it came time for the start of the race.
Angela Todd, race founder, started the Jingle Bell Jog in 2008 due to her own father being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In 2009, her father Adjutant General Robert L. DeZarn lost his battle with Alzheimer’s and she was determined to raise more money and more awareness than ever before for Alzheimer’s. Of the top 10 leading causes of death, Alzheimer’s ranks number six.  Over the years the death rate of the others has declined.  Unfortunately, the death rate of Alzheimer’s has risen.  Of the top 10 leading causes of death, Alzheimer’s is the only one that has no known cause, no long term treatment and no cure.  In 2010 there was a new diagnosis of Alzheimer’s every 70 seconds, today it’s every 68 seconds. The inaugural Jingle Bell Jog raised $3,200.
Each year something new has been added to the race and this year an official mascot, AL the reindeer, was introduced. Al made his first appearance in the Stanford Christmas Parade the night before Jingle Bell Jog. 
Awards were presented to the top three winners in each age group.
Female 12 and Under
Emily Liddle 21:36
Mayci Godbey 26:02
Ally Lynn 26:02
Jenna Hogue 27:04
Female 13-17
Ashlyn Liddle 19:28
Sydnee Meadows 20:20
Miriam Ritchey 23:58
Female 18-24
Laura Jones 27:30
Madison Bryant 28:33
Kelsey Boswell 30:13
Female 25-29
Jenna Ellsworth 26:06
Brittany Bruington 26:07
Toni McKinney 27:05
Female 30-34
Christina Simmons 22:41
Melynda Jamison 23:35
Patricia Morgeson 25:31
Female 35-39
Rhonda Schnieder 22:16
Beth Morgan 22:21
Kerri Adkins 27:53
Female 40-44
Kimberly Hamilton 24:52
Teresa Marsden 26:42
Bobbie Perkins 27:28
Female 45-49
Sharon Bach 24:59
Kelly Coffey 25:32
Terri Green 26:30
Female 50-54
Kim Hulett 26:11
Julie Furbee 32:22
Kristi Reynolds 33:36
Female 55-59
Linda Fox 26:06
Judy Mercer 33:01
Charlene Dodson 33:19
Female 60-64
Victoria Slocum 34:06
Starr Gantz 36:00
Debra Hatfield 40:11
Female 65-69
Trisha Perkins 44:01
Judy Whittaker 44:04
Carolyn Collins 48:56
Female 70+
Sheryll Godwin 47:41
Male 12-Under
Jacob Liddle 20:48
Cole Martin 23:58
Braedon Meadows 25:26
Male 13-17
James Gosser 19:26
Austin Yates 20:58
Kegan McDaniel 22:42
Male 18-24
Jarod Hodges 18:44
Steven Martin 21:06
Colin Hart 24:10
Male 25-29
Matt Vonlinger 20:45
Jordan Kelsey 32:06
Ben Baker 52:37
Male 30-34
Bo Eppinghoff 21:58
Travis Newman 24:16
Pete Riley 30:28
Male 35-39
Adam Wade 20:57
Jarrett Foster 22:24
Tommy Noe 23:01
Male 40-44
Ty Martin 21:09
Tim Godbey 22:20
Brad King 22:36
Male 45-49
David Ward 20:57
Terry Young 21:22
Brian Smith 22:13
Male 50-54
Tim Frith 23:18
Tom Frith 24:40
Mike McRay 25:45
Male 55-59
Roger Proctor 25:55
Curtis Tinker 30:48
Jeff Pence 36:37
Male 60-64
Larry Vaught 28:07
Rob Slocum 30:07
Louis Bailey 31:17
Male 65-69
David Flynn 33:18
Ambrose Wilson 36:23
Eddie Carter 37:16
Male 70+
Bernie Cornett 41:08
Leo McMillen 46:03

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